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Basic Gun Safety and Pistol Course

Basic Gun Safety and Pistol Course:

This course is a great course for beginners or those that have been away from guns for a while.   If you want to  learn to shoot, to buy your first gun,  or relearn some of the basics about gun safety or pistols, this course is for you.

  • Basic Safety & Pistol Course $100.00 plus range fees  = $115.00 

**If Purchasing this class and the License To Carry (LTC) class together, I give you a $25.00 discount.  You can add it from the LTC Sign up page or ask me to send an invoice if purchasing both classes together.


You will learn:

  • Rules of Gun Safety and Gun Handling
  • How a Gun Shoots a Bullet
  • Loading / Unloading
  • Basics of Shooting a Pistol
  • Basic Storage
  • How a gun should fit your hand

This course begins with a presentation and demonstration so the student learns all the safety and the basics before hitting the range.  After all the basics, the student will shoot their first shots.