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Holsters and Self Defense

Thanks for visiting, today!!  In addition to being a firearm and LTC Instructor, I also sell assorted items for concealed carry and self defense.

I am a representative for Can Can Concealment Holsters in the Austin Texas area.

Different Holster Options For Different People.

A Holster For Everyone.

If you would like to schedule a fitting for a holster or have any questions about the Can Can product line, please use the contact form below to let me know.  If you are not local and interested in a holster, I will assist you in getting one.  I can order for you or give you a discount code to use.

Can Can Concealment makes holsters for men and women and has several different styles, the HipHugger, Sport, and Garter.   There are three different sizes depending on your firearm size, Micro, Classic, and SheBang!

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