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“T” Time and Brunch at the Firing Line

We had a great day on the range for our first 2016 Austin Texas A Girl and A Gun Women’s Shooting League (AG&AG) event on Saturday, January 9.  We had a lot of first-time AG&AG event attenders.


I think everyone enjoyed this morning.  We shot quite a bit and then went to WALBURG GERMAN RESTAURANT & BIERGARTEN for brunch.  There were times today that our women would shoot a little bit, then you see a line of guns on the tables (slides opened, facing down range, with visible emptied chambers, and the magazines neatly placed beside them),  and all the women are huddled behind the line talking and laughing.  After a little bit, they would be back on the line shooting again.

This morning was on the cold side and very breezy due to a front coming in overnight.  The range was muddy but everyone were troopers.  I bet they are shopping for practical and cute mud/waterproof boots as I am typing. LOL!  One of our ladies mentioned that she had to knock off the mud with a hammer after our last muddy event.


Today was partly cloudy but when the sun was out, and the temperature was great.  When the sun went behind the clouds, we all felt the temperature drop.  The cold breeze from the north never stopped but our bay faces east and west so we had a little protection.  We only lost a couple targets due to the windy conditions.

The women that attended today were like sponges and wanted to absorb every suggestion about grips and dry fire.  Most were interested in IDPA and practical shooting spots so we talked a lot about grips,  holsters, dry fire you can do at the house, and other topics.


We were glad to get to the brunch part of “T” Time and Brunch and get back to warmth and no breeze.  Even though we have no pictures of the Brunch and food part, we had a great time at both.


**Thanks to Lisa Longchamps for the photographs**

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  1. Terri

    Great day..enojoyed practice shooting, meeting all the women and spending time at lunch just talking. I look forward to more events. Terri M.


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