Central Texas, North of Austin

Pistols, Petals, and Pearls, LLC and P3 Defense

I Am Just A Mom that Loves All Things Shooting, Gardening, and Jewelry

Protect Yourself and Protect Your Loved Ones!

Learn How to Shoot,  Get your License To Carry, or School Safety Certification.

Meet the Instructor!

P3 Defense and Training was established in 2016 offering firearm training.   P3 Defense wants to make sure people who carry and want to further their skills are armed with the skills they need to protect themselves and their loved ones.

P3 Defense and Training offers the following classes:


Pistols, Petals, and Pearls, LLC sells Concealed Carry Holsters, Self Defense items, and has an Amazon store.  Pistols, Petals, and Pearls will be an eventual storefront.  The name came from the three passions that the owner likes to fill her down time with.   She loves to be outside, is a competitive shooter, and a firearms instructor.  She is an gardener and likes to play with landscaping.  And she likes to play with gems, jewels, and pearls, enjoying putting them together to make jewelry pieces.